Acoustic Reality!

Our unique triple layered Chassis sculpted from billets of instrument grade Aluminum creates the most acoustically inert speaker enclosure ever offered.

Designed to narrow the gap between the live performance and reproduced sound.

Fresh solutions have been implemented in every facet of this uncompromising design.

Effortless, explosive, involving, revealing of every subtle nuance of musical expression the Model Thirty-Two is hand crafted from carefully selected premium components.

Superb technical performance is matched with a elegant exterior, artfully designed to blend with every decor.


10-4" mid-bass drivers

20-1" dome tweeters

66"H X 8.50"W X 12.5" D

280 lbs.

Sub woofer:

two 8" sub-woofers per subwoofer

Low pass filter at 125 Hz

200 watt amplifier

160 lbs.